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Product Name: Diallyl Phthalate (DAP)

CAS No.: 131-17-9

UN No.: 3082 9/PG 3

HS: 29173400.10

EINECS No: 205-016-3

Molecular Formula: C14H14O4

Packing: 200kg per galvanized iron drum; 16tons per container.

Diallyl Phthalate (DAP)

Characteristics: Diallyl phthalate(DAP) is a colorless or light yellow transparent liquid. Each molecule contains two allyloxy groups, it is stable at room temperature, but if under heating and adding some initiator, it will be very reactive, and can be made into many new materials with special usage.

When used as a reactive monomer, the main property is as follows:  

1. With allyloxy groups, under heating and adding some organic peroxide, DAP can easily control the polymerization process.

2. DAP is very stable at room temperature, so it can be used as anti-gelling agent of vinyl monomers, like styrene and vinyl ester.

3. Because of the low vapor pressure, the DAP monomer is nearly odorless and doesn' t give off the odor like styrene.

4. There is no risk of fire because of its high flash point.

5. The synthetic polymey is of high strength and good toughness.

6. The resin has good light resistance and acid and alkali resistance.

When used as plasticizer or internal plasticizer, the main property is as follows:

1. Indeformable after forming, with good dimensional stability.

2. It has good electrical properties, it has good electrical insulation even under the condition of high temperature and damp.

3. It has good thermal stability. The bending strength is unchanged sustainably used at 150~200οC.

4. It’s of chemical erosion resistance and of solvent extraction resistance.

Main usage:

DAP has wide application fields. It can be used as crossing agent and plasticizer of unsaturated resin, internal plasticizer of PVC resin, reinforcing agent of fiber reinforced resin, it can self polymerized as plastic strengthen agent, also can be as the auxiliary crossing agent of synthetic rubber.

Synthesis of acrylic resin

It can be used in the synthetic resin of acrylic acid system, such as printing rubber, waterproof glue, etc. It’s helpful to improve the adhesion and water resistance of resin, increase the gloss, improve liquidity and adjust resin viscosity, etc.

Unsaturated polyester resin

In the production of unsaturated polyester resin, DAP can be used as crossing agent, internal plasticizer(reactive plasticizer), dispersant of dye and catalyst, anti-gelling agent of vinyl monomer (like styrene). As a crossing agent, It has better electrical properties, heat resistance and dimensional stability than products used styrene as crossing agent. As dispersant and anti-gelling agent, because its high stability at room temperature, high boiling point, less volatile, it’s difficult to be solidified even with catalyst, only solidified by heating. So it can produce premixed or pre impregnated unsaturated polyester resin, It can also be used in the production of insulating varnish and hardened wood, etc.

Internal plasticizer for polymer

DAP can be used as the internal plasticizer for polymer, for example, it can be used in the plasticizer of PVC, which make the heat resistance, light resistance, solvent resistance and electrical properties of the products better. It is widely used in sealant of automobile and refrigerator, foaming wallpaper and artificial floor, etc. The disadvantage is the migration property is higher than DOP.

self polymerization polymer

The self polymerization polymer (prepolymer) of DAP has good heat resistance, plasticization, toughening and dispersion. It is widely used in molding materials, decorative laminated material. UV curing ink and paint, etc.


DAP should be stored in ventilated and dry place, DAP has high flash point, it’s stable at normal storage condition, but it should be protected from light and avoid heat, and be far away from strong oxidant, strong acid and strong alkali, etc.

Safety and environmental protection:

DAP can be completely biodegradation, and the degradation will not damage the environment. And this product is not listed as substance which is harmful to the environment.

In the using don’t inhale material, which will cause cough and diarrhea. Avoid the material to contact eye and skin, If any contact, should wash with plenty of water and seek medical attention. The contaminated clothing should be washed clean.

DAP is low toxic, but it can stimulate the mucosa and skin, long term and repeated exposure may cause tissue injury and liver injury. Once leakage happens, can use sand, soil or other inert materials to absorb, then collect and transfer it to safe place.


200kg galvanized and plastic coating drums, or 25kg plastic drums.

Diallyl Phthalate (DAP) Monomer

RIDADR: UN 3082 9/PG 3

CAS: 131-17-9

Molecular Formula: C14H14O4

Loading: 16 tons per 20ft container

Diallyl phthalate Chemical Properties,Usage,Production

Chemical Properties: clear colourless to light yellow liquid.

General Description: Clear pale-yellow liquid. Odorless.

Air & Water Reactions: Incompatible with water and oxygen. Should be stored air tight, with inhibitor, to prevent polymerization reaction.

Reactivity Profile: Diallyl phthalate can react with oxidizers. Diallyl phthalate can also react with acids and alkalis. Diallyl phthalate is incompatible with water and oxygen.

Fire Hazard: Diallyl phthalate is combustible.

Diallyl phthalate Preparation Products And Raw materials: phthalic acid disodium salt, phthalic anhydride, sodium bicarbonate, allyl chloride.

Diallyl Phthalate (DAP) Monomer
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